Up for adoption

The following fanlistings are up for adoption should anyone want them...

Hulahoops & Tutus: The Jael Strauss fanlisting. I got this on sort of spur of the moment and now I don't really feel like owning it anymore. I just feel that someone else could do a better job with it. The main reason that I never closed it or put it up for adoption sooner was because I really loved the layout that I made for it (so you're more than welcome to use the layout if you adopt this fanlisting, with proper credit to me of course). Just email me (make sure that you put in the subject line "Jael fanlisting adoption" or something like that so that I do not mark your email as spam and end up deleting it) and let me know that you're interested. Even though I'm willing to give you the layout, you must still know basic HTML and have a decent place to host the site.